irRemote Control

irRemote Control 2.10

Convert your mobile into a universal remote control

With this unique universal Remote Control you can define your own set of devices you want to use! Your new universal irRemote does not have to learn anything - you just choose your brand from the list, then select device type (TV, DVD, VCR, CD etc.) and it works! And you only have to do it once - unless you buy a new DVD player.

With hundreds of devices supported, irRemote Control is the perfect solution for your remote control needs.

irRemote Control


irRemote Control 2.10

User reviews about irRemote Control

  • wisam90210

    by wisam90210

    "why i can get my phone support this file"

    this program is a sis file and my device doesn't support this type>what i'can do....please answer me. More.

    reviewed on September 2, 2011